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Category: France Clock Tour

2013 AHS Tour

Final Thoughts

Some final thoughts on my trip and this will be my last for now. Highlights: It is certainly very difficult to try and pick out one thing/place that I would consider a highlight – there were so many. The whole trip was one “gihugeic” highlight; the people, the places, the architecture, the country, the atmosphere, …

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The cutest place ever! (Best lunch too!)

Friday, 26-April-2013 I think that I said that our lunch in Morteau was the best, well perhaps this one tops it. The town of Charroux was way cuter and this restaurant was done up so nice – very artistic. All the plates/course were like samplers of various things – it was really ice to try …

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Lunch in Morteau

Thursday, 25-April-2013 If it seems like I am going backwards in time, that is because I am. I said in a previous post that I would try to get back to describing lunch in Morteau – well here it is. (By the way, there is another lunch description coming.) This was a lunch that you …

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Rainy Toulouse

Saturday, 28-April-2013 Today we visited two museums; the first was in the small town of L’isle Jourdain about a half hour drive west of Toulouse. This little town had its farmers market day in the square right in front of the museum we were going to and since we arrived a bit early we had …

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Tower Clock Heaven

Three floors full of working tower clocks and he had a very good collection of Comtoise clocks as well. Animated pendulum Two types of pendulums Nice verge & foliot Pin pallet escapement Verge and crown wheel Pin and pallet at right angles Our last day tomorrow!

Classic French Countryside

Friday, 26-April-2013 Today we took a big long bus trip from Morteau in the northeast of France to the Toulouse in the south. In all it took about 9 hours of diving time but it didn’t seem that long. We left the hotel at 7:00 am and at 11:00 we arrived at the very neat …

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Morteau Meadows

25-April-2013 Today we had a really nice trip to the small town of Morteau, it is in the mountains not too far from here. This region was the watch making center of France for many years and developed a particular kind of clock called a Morbier or Comtoise clock. Many of the towns in this …

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Besancon wonders

Wednesday, 24-Apr-2013 Today we were in Besancon a smallish town located in eastern France near the Swiss border. It is uniquely situated almost entirely within a loop of the Daubs river. It’s recorded history goes way back to as far as 58 BC and the days of Julius Caesar. Despite its ancient roots, it is …

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Tuesday, 23-Apr-2013 Today we left our hotel in Paris and headed for Versailles. Apparently Versailles receives some 4 million visitors per year but we are privileged to be guided through the site by the head curator of Decorative Arts as guests of the museum. That means that we did not have to wait in line …

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The Best Day Yet!

Monday, 22-April-2013 WOW! I didn’t think it could get much better it it sure did today. We traveled only about 30 min north of the Otel to the Depot for the Conservatoire National des Arts et M├ętiers – the French Museum of Science and Industry. This place is chartered with preserving scientific history and the …

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