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Monthly Archive: July 2015

Jul 12

Graduation … not really … sort of

Hi again, This last week has been busy but not with the usual things in the workshop.  For all the students, except those of us who are in the Master’s degree program, this was the last week of the year.  We spent several days preparing the workshops for visitors–cleaning up and putting out our work …

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Jul 02

Survey has been repaired

My apologies to everyone that has tried to take my survey and found that they could not submit it.  I have corrected the problem (I think) so it should be good now. Please give it another try – thanks, Mostyn

Jul 01

Clock Practices Survey

Thank you for coming to my survey page – As part of my Master’s Degree research at West Dean College I am doing a very limited investigation of knowledge, opinion, and practice regarding repair, restoration, and conservation procedures for clocks. If you are involved with horology and clocks and would like to help me with my …

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