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Exactly 30 days left, well – when I wrote this it was Sept. 1st!

Hi All,

In exactly one month our feet will be leaving England and returning to Santa Barbara soil.  Not sure of what the next 30 days will be like, though our lists are long and I’m thinking this may end up being our last blog entry from Chichester.

Mostyn is ‘cranking’ (his words) on completing his 10,000 word thesis and though the pressure is on, he is confident that the finished product will pass muster.  DUH!  This summer term at West Dean has proven an excellent environment to research, study, and write.  There is only one other Masters horology student (Tabea our ‘adopted’ German daughter) so the ‘workshop’ has been quiet and access to Matthew’s (tutor) time easy. He is certain the timing of this year has been truly providential as next year the class will be at capacity and the ability to do what he has in one year will no longer be possible.  So we thank God once again for  confirming that our year here is all part of His plan for us and for Mostyn’s future career in clocks and conservation.

We had a whirlwind trip to Scotland last month.  Spent lovely time with my family in Dunoon and Dumfries and also visited the Isle of Arran a wonderfully unexpected treat made possible by dear friends the Archer’s (assistant clock tutor) vacationing there themselves.

Scotland was at it’s finest: warm weather, pristine blue sky, heather on the hills, wildlife in abundance, good food and fun with friends and family.  A delayed flight from Glasgow our only glitch.  The highlight of the trip was the Edinburgh Tattoo!  A bucket list item fulfulled for me thanks to cousins Gordon and Janet.  Once again my guts were stirred when 250 pipers entered the venue through the gates of Edinburgh Castle.  Anyone visiting Edinburgh in August must make it a priority to attend this 66 year old tradition.  It is beyond description.  Dancing, drumming, piping, fiddling, fireworks, precision drills with real guns and much more!!


It is hard not to be impressed by this many pipers in one place!

The weather has taken an autumnal turn.  Noticeably  chillier and more showers of late.  Will take it for now as we see it’s really hot and continues to be very dry in California. May even need to turn on the heater before we cast off!

Thes coast view from Selsey.

The coast view from Selsey.

We are preparing ourselves for the transition back to US life.  The repairs on the house were about to be completed when the renters found yet another leak upstairs just as the carpet was about to be replaced.  We do hope all is sorted and back in place so our adjustments to 601 is seamless.  Though we joke about not being able to find each other.  Our wee cottage here is quite compact compared to our home.  We were discussing the other day over a great pub lunch at the shore in Selsey, that we are returning to what we know, but we have changed, so we wonder how it will feel and will we ‘remain changed’ or fall right back into our previous routine?  Some things schedule wise will stay consistent i.e. my work schedule, child minding Ryan Lily on Tuesdays, and church on Sundays, etc.  But we do hope to keep things a bit simpler, time to enjoy things and people more and maintain a less stressful pace.  Will give it a try with one car, though have no idea yet what to buy??  Mostyn has decided to send home his trusty steed, the foldable Brompton bike and use that for alternate transportation when needed.  So those of you living in Santa Barbara may see him biking on his wee funky looking bicycle.

The bicycle has now traveled over 1000 miles.

The bicycle has now traveled over 1000 miles.

The most difficult part is still facing us.  Packing, but more difficult still is saying our goodbyes.  Knowing we may return briefly next summer helps, but ‘this home’ has greatly captured our hearts and we will truly miss all our dear friends here.

So that’s the news from here.  Looking forward to seeing friends and family soon!:)




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    • Stella Larson on 5-Sep-2015 at 3:58 am

    WooHoo! You are almost wheels up! Great job, great blog, great neighbors! Travel well, Friends! xoxo

    • Suzon on 4-Sep-2015 at 7:34 pm

    Thank you Miss Debbie. I’m primed and ready!!!😍

    • Sue Pringle on 4-Sep-2015 at 6:45 pm

    I can well imagine the tugs you are feeling as you start the packing and ‘good-bying” after the year in your wee flat in Chichester. Again I say hard to believe that the year of your sojourn is over. Glad you were able to visit up in Scotland again and had such great weather. A treat for sure!
    Yes, it is hard to maintain ‘the simple life’ in our whirlwind culture, but I hope you will be successful in your endeavors. I’m trying to sort it out for myself too. 😊.
    Fall is in the air here, as well. Finally after three dry months we’ve had some rain this week, and the last two mornings I’ve turned on the heat for a bit. The fire hazard is awful, but sure was great to have so much sunshine and warm weather.
    Take care..
    Love and hugs,

    • Linda on 4-Sep-2015 at 6:05 pm

    I can sense the bitter sweet tone of packing and leaving. Hope the sweet tips the scales for you both! Look forward to seeing you. May the days seem long.

    • Sue Gary on 4-Sep-2015 at 4:50 pm

    Loved all the posts so much! I did share your blog site with a friend who lived near West Dean College for about 20 years and now lives in Ventura. She said reading your posts definitely made her homesick. She is a totally lovely gal and my thought is you two (or along with spouses makes 4) might enjoy connecting especially when you crave a bit of “Brit” time. Just let me know and I am sure she would love to get in touch with you.

    • Heather Harold on 4-Sep-2015 at 4:09 pm

    Relieved you’re bringing the Brompton home, glad you came to your senses, Dad!! LOL

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