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November 2014 archive

My first project clock

I suppose that many of you, especially the clocky types, have been wondering exactly what I have been doing at school.  I have shared a couple of the small projects that we have been assigned to help learn some of the skills of making parts for clocks, but a few weeks ago I got my …

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The Clockmakers Livery Dinner

Probably one of the most memorable events of this England adventure for us will be the Clockmakers Livery Dinner that Debbie and I attended this week.  At the Pasadena Symposium that I helped organize last September, I was invited to become a member of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers.  This Company is one of the oldest …

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Debbie’s month long impressions

So thought I should update my home front side of things here in blogland!  And now that I have been here over a month thought it an appropriate time to do so. One thing has not changed and that is how much I miss family and friends from home! I am keeping up regularly with …

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A Hoop and Spurs

Perhaps this sounds a little like something to do with horses and cowboys or a San Antonio basketball team but, yes, really, it has to do with clocks.  Some old English clocks were attached to the wall with a hoop – essentially a hanging bracket.  The spurs were used at the bottom of the clock …

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