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Mostyn Gale

Saving Time started in 2004 when owner, Mostyn, rediscovered his childhood passion for tinkering with clocks. Since that time he has engaged in extensive study of the history of clocks and has spent many hands on hours including formal training from the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. He also earned a Certificate in Appraisal Studies from UC Irvine in 2012. Now he is embarking on obtaining a Master's degree in Conservation Studies with a specialty in Clocks from West Dean College in the United Kingdom.

Author's posts

Fait Accompli – The Masters Degree is Done!

Amazing!  After a full year and a month we are finally complete with the job we came to do! Last Friday a week ago, I turned in my thesis for the Master’s degree.  A whole bunch of work and it was fairly intense for the last month or so with the completion of testing and then …

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Graduation … not really … sort of

Hi again, This last week has been busy but not with the usual things in the workshop.  For all the students, except those of us who are in the Master’s degree program, this was the last week of the year.  We spent several days preparing the workshops for visitors–cleaning up and putting out our work …

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Survey has been repaired

My apologies to everyone that has tried to take my survey and found that they could not submit it.  I have corrected the problem (I think) so it should be good now. Please give it another try – thanks, Mostyn

Clock Practices Survey

Thank you for coming to my survey page – As part of my Master’s Degree research at West Dean College I am doing a very limited investigation of knowledge, opinion, and practice regarding repair, restoration, and conservation procedures for clocks. If you are involved with horology and clocks and would like to help me with my …

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How to make a Desk Tidy

Hi Friends, It has been a very long time since I have posted but I hope that you can appreciate how busy things have been and cut me some slack for that.  In addition to having our kids here for a month–which Debbie described for you in the last post–I have had a 4000 word …

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Verge Re-conversion Part 4

In Part 2 of my blog about this project, “What’s a Potence?“, I described making some of the important supporting parts for the wheels.  In this blog I have completed two of the wheels to the point that I can put them in the clock and test to makes sure they are going to work …

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Scenes from Southwestern England

During the second week of my three week Easter break, Debbie and I did a little touring in the southwest of England.  Not so far from where we were over the Christmas break.  The nice thing is that it is close by so we don’t have to travel for hours and there is so much …

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Making a Center Wheel

This is Part 3 in my story of a verge re-conversion.  In my last blog about this project, “What’s a Potence?“, I described making some of the important supporting parts for the wheels.  In this blog we are going to take a step back and describe what happened after the Precision Operation.  The center wheel needed …

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Be It Ever So Humble …

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.  It is good to be home after some time traveling about. It has been a long time since I checked in with you all–my apologies.  However, we have been quite busy.  I have been working hard finishing off as much as I could before the …

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Paris in the Spring

All the Conservation students from West Dean are now in Paris for three days to view museums and sites. Officially we are here to learn about how our craft and how different museums and dealers approach conservation. Many conservators like to keep things pretty much as they are without doing much restoration or shining things up. …

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