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October 2014 archive

A File Cleaner – Really?

The first of my blogs talking about what we are actually doing in class at West Dean.  Our first project is to make a file cleaner–that’s a metal file not a paper file folder type file–strangely enough, making the file cleaner requires a lot of filing.  In reality it would not have to involve so …

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West Dean College – a place for me

What is West Dean College all about? Yes, West Dean College is a different type of college and so small that not many people have heard of it.  Like many things in England it has a history and I was surprised to learn that some of it has an American connection. The College was founded …

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We’re Underway

It has been a month since I posted last and it is hard to believe that it has been so long.  On the other hand, so much has happened in that time.  In short, we finally got approval for Debbie to come and stay here for the duration of my studies (in fact she can …

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Debbie’s first week impressions

10 days in and finally sleeping through the night. Jet lag has been overcome, thankfully and I am feeling human again. After such drama and intense anticipation of receiving my certificate of entitlement, immigration was laughable in its casualness! It took me longer to walk from the plane to the immigration station as it did …

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