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Sep 29

Fait Accompli – The Masters Degree is Done!

Amazing!  After a full year and a month we are finally complete with the job we came to do! Last Friday a week ago, I turned in my thesis for the Master’s degree.  A whole bunch of work and it was fairly intense for the last month or so with the completion of testing and then …

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Sep 04

Exactly 30 days left, well – when I wrote this it was Sept. 1st!

Hi All, In exactly one month our feet will be leaving England and returning to Santa Barbara soil.  Not sure of what the next 30 days will be like, though our lists are long and I’m thinking this may end up being our last blog entry from Chichester. Mostyn is ‘cranking’ (his words) on completing …

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Aug 10

Bits and bobs, visitors, and one bummer

Dear Friends and Family, I will start with the bummer, as the rest is all good news!!  We learned via our renters last month that there was a leak in our house in Santa Barbara that was coming from our bedroom/bathroom upstairs and made it’s way down through the floor to the garage.  Long story …

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Jun 14

Post Family Visit Thoughts and Recap

Well the kids have come and gone and many tears were shed with the goodbyes.  Many sweet and wonderful memories were made, lots of photos taken to remember those cherished times and the days flew by way too fast. I think it is safe to say that they all fell madly in love with England …

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May 08

Family reunion in 5 days!!!:)

Greetings Friends, Thought I’d better jot down a few thoughts before I am totally absorbed and delighted to be hosting all our kids and grandkids here for the next month!:) We have not seen them except on FaceTime for 7 months. I have great empathy now for grandparents who have kids living so far away …

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Apr 14

Scenes from Southwestern England

During the second week of my three week Easter break, Debbie and I did a little touring in the southwest of England.  Not so far from where we were over the Christmas break.  The nice thing is that it is close by so we don’t have to travel for hours and there is so much …

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Apr 10

Be It Ever So Humble …

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.  It is good to be home after some time traveling about. It has been a long time since I checked in with you all–my apologies.  However, we have been quite busy.  I have been working hard finishing off as much as I could before the …

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Mar 18

Paris in the Spring

All the Conservation students from West Dean are now in Paris for three days to view museums and sites. Officially we are here to learn about how our craft and how different museums and dealers approach conservation. Many conservators like to keep things pretty much as they are without doing much restoration or shining things up. …

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Mar 08

English ‘speak’!

Hi All, Thought it was time for another blog update, but there is not a lot new to report.  We’ve done a bit of tootling round; went to London one day for Mostyn to see a voice specialist.  It’s such an easy trip on  the train.  It was quite a chilly day especially walking across …

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Feb 07

Holiday Break; Phase 2

It has been quite a time since I posted something on the blog – I apologize, but things have gotten quite busy at school.  Next week is our mid-term assessments, meaning we get a mid-term grade.  We had writing assignments  for science class and I have been trying get make some progress on my Masters …

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