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Monthly Archive: December 2014

Dec 25

Merry Christmas – Blessing and Peace to All!

We are so blessed with all that we have – our family and all of you, our friends.  Sorry we have not sent out our usual Christmas letter this year – please forgive me, but I hope that our blog partly makes up for it. We just returned from a small holiday trip to the …

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Dec 20

First Day of Holiday Break

The first College term has ended – wow, those twelve weeks just flew by!  Now we have a two week break for the holidays.  This is the first chance that Deb and I have had a real chance to get out a bit further than a few miles from Chichester.  So, we have planned a …

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Dec 18

My First Clock (Part 2 of ?)

Having completed an initial design and tested it with a little model, it is time to move on to real pieces of metal.  Well – not so fast – first, make a metal model of the escapement which wasn’t part of the cardboard model I made earlier.  This practice for us who aren’t used to …

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Dec 14

My First Clock (Part 1 of ?)

The best way to learn how to repair a clock is to learn how to make one first – if you know how to make one, you will know the fundamentals necessary to repair one.  In addition, some repairs require parts to be replaced which would require making them since, in general, replacement parts are not …

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Dec 04

The Place Where Time Begins

Does time really have a beginning?  This past week the Clocks students from West Dean College went to the Royal Observatory Greenwich, http://www.rmg.co.uk/royal-observatory.  In 1884 at the International Meridian Conference in Washington DC, 22 countries voted to adopt Greenwich observatory as zero degrees longitude—a loose interpretation of the place where time begins. The observatory was …

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