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Mostyn Gale

Saving Time started in 2004 when owner, Mostyn, rediscovered his childhood passion for tinkering with clocks. Since that time he has engaged in extensive study of the history of clocks and has spent many hands on hours including formal training from the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. He also earned a Certificate in Appraisal Studies from UC Irvine in 2012. Now he is embarking on obtaining a Master's degree in Conservation Studies with a specialty in Clocks from West Dean College in the United Kingdom.

Author's posts

The Clockmakers Livery Dinner

Probably one of the most memorable events of this England adventure for us will be the Clockmakers Livery Dinner that Debbie and I attended this week.  At the Pasadena Symposium that I helped organize last September, I was invited to become a member of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers.  This Company is one of the oldest …

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A Hoop and Spurs

Perhaps this sounds a little like something to do with horses and cowboys or a San Antonio basketball team but, yes, really, it has to do with clocks.  Some old English clocks were attached to the wall with a hoop – essentially a hanging bracket.  The spurs were used at the bottom of the clock …

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A File Cleaner – Really?

The first of my blogs talking about what we are actually doing in class at West Dean.  Our first project is to make a file cleaner–that’s a metal file not a paper file folder type file–strangely enough, making the file cleaner requires a lot of filing.  In reality it would not have to involve so …

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West Dean College – a place for me

What is West Dean College all about? Yes, West Dean College is a different type of college and so small that not many people have heard of it.  Like many things in England it has a history and I was surprised to learn that some of it has an American connection. The College was founded …

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We’re Underway

It has been a month since I posted last and it is hard to believe that it has been so long.  On the other hand, so much has happened in that time.  In short, we finally got approval for Debbie to come and stay here for the duration of my studies (in fact she can …

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Welcome to Chichester!

I finally entered Chichester on Sunday afternoon, Sep 7th. It was a long travel day(s) – stopped over at JFK for a few hours and then once finally reaching London, Heathrow, it took about an hour before I was walking out of the airport. Then it was a two hour drive southwest to Chichester, arriving …

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Finally on the way – BUT

Debbie’s Certificate has not come in this week so we have decided that I should go ahead and get to England and start to get ourselves settled. Debbie will stay back in Newport Beach, where we’ve been for the last week. She is among family so well taken care of and not alone. That makes …

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All dressed up and no where to go!

We have spent almost a year preparing for this trip to England and we are just about ready to take off. On Labor day we officially left the house with everything packed and ready to ship as well as suitcases to carry with us.  The renters moved in on 2 Sep, so we had to …

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Forty Years

Last weekend Debbie and I celebrated 40 years of marriage.  Our actual anniversary is today, the 24th of August, but given all the preparations for our trip we thought this was the best time to celebrate. It was probably the best celebration/party I have ever had!  No, it wasn’t wild and crazy but it was …

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Are you kidding?

If an adventure was what we were looking for that is what we have – and we have not even left the country yet. In addition to my pursuit of a clock making education, this year away is also providing a much deserved career break for my wife, Debbie. After all, she has been working …

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