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Mostyn Gale

Saving Time started in 2004 when owner, Mostyn, rediscovered his childhood passion for tinkering with clocks. Since that time he has engaged in extensive study of the history of clocks and has spent many hands on hours including formal training from the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. He also earned a Certificate in Appraisal Studies from UC Irvine in 2012. Now he is embarking on obtaining a Master's degree in Conservation Studies with a specialty in Clocks from West Dean College in the United Kingdom.

Author's posts

Royal Carriages

Today (Friday, 19 April) we went to Arras, (115 miles north of Paris, a 2.5 hour bus ride from Paris- we left the hotel at 7:15am) and visited Le Musee des Beaux Arts (www.versaillesarras.com), and saw the collection of palace coaches. These were carriages designed to carry then queens and empresses. Apparently the men never …

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Museum of Science and Industry

In the afternoon of Thursday, 18th, we went to the Musee des Arts et Metiers, kind of like a museum of science and industry. A very interesting collection of early and some not so early scientific instruments including, of course, clocks. These included early astrolabes (devices that were used to predict astronomical events like solar …

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Place Vendome

Today we went to Place Vendome. If you don’t know Paris or fashion that name probably doesn’t mean anything to you – it didn’t mean anything to me. But when I got there it was pretty amazing. In addition to the architecture and feel of the place and huge monument I. The middle of it, …

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My Wild Ride in Paris

When I got off the train in Paris and found the taxis, there was a huge long line. ¬†As is common in many places like that there was a guy who came up to me asking if I wanted a taxi. I was not sure about some random guy offering his services and he told …

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Training’, Trainin’, Trainin’ …

Today (actually yesterday by the time i am getting to post this) was the day of trains. Four different trains with all the schlepping around with luggage in between. I had a nice English breakfast at the B&B after a somewhat restless night. Not sure if it was jet lag or excitement over the day. …

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Back to Chichester

I couldn’t help but make that post last night on the weather in Paris – it was amazing – everybody was out enjoying it util late. But I have not had time to put in my post about Chichester, the little town close to west Dean. So, here goes. The town is pretty incredible. I …

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OK this is phenomenal!

I haven’t done my post for the day’s activities yet but I just got to Paris about an hour ago. Believe it or not the temp is 72 deg at 9:30 at night and everyone is out having a good time. Lots of people jogging and the guys in one of the pictures are playing …

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Stop and hear the sheep

Panorama Here’s a 360 degree panorama of the front of the West Dean College. Turn the volume up a bit, you can hear the sheep. You can also hear the wind. It was a bit chilly but not bad.

California Dreamin’ – not really

Today, it as not about California dreamin but dreaming about the rest of my life. And not so much dreaming but pondering, investigating, and wondering about the future. Turns out that the decision as to whether I come here for school may be a lot more about what could happen after school than the actual …

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Comment Update

Hey all you eager people that want to comment on my blog – now you can! The aging, not very hip 60 year old figured out how to fix it, – and then I actually fixed it too. So comment away! Have fun. On a not so good note – this evening, whilst walking the …

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