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Training’, Trainin’, Trainin’ …

Today (actually yesterday by the time i am getting to post this) was the day of trains.

Typical English Train

Typical English Train

Four different trains with all the schlepping around with luggage in between. I had a nice English breakfast at the B&B after a somewhat restless night. Not sure if it was jet lag or excitement over the day. In any case, I found an apple store to see if they could replace my iPad but it would have taken a few days. So that was out. I put some tape over the edges to hopefully help keep it together for the duration. Then off to talk to a (real)estate agent. Interesting situation – not sure what to say about it. Then I drove to Gatwick airport to return the car and pick up the first of my trains.

Got on the first train at Gatwick went for 7 mins, got off at Redhill. Changed platforms. Got on the 2nd train at Redhill went for 31 mins and got off at Tunbridge. Changed platforms. Got on the 3rd train at Tunbridge went for 37 mins and got off at Ashford. Changed platforms.
Ride along with me on an English Train.  English Train Ride

Got on the Eurostar at Ashford, went for two hours and got off at Paris Nord.

This train goes under the English Channel and reaches speeds of nearly 200 mph.

This train goes under the English Channel and reaches speeds of nearly 200 mph.

Got a taxi to the hotel.


    • Tim on 19-Apr-2013 at 12:29 am

    What happened at the Real Estate office?? This sounds like a funny story…

    • Debbie on 19-Apr-2013 at 12:15 am

    Probably a good thing you were traveling sans wife !!
    No doubt I would have slowed you down and for sure you would not have had that joy ride through grand Paree on a motorcycle! What a hoot!:)
    Curious about the real estate comment. Looking forward to more on that piece if info??

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