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My Wild Ride in Paris

When I got off the train in Paris and found the taxis, there was a huge long line.  As is common in many places like that there was a guy who came up to me asking if I wanted a taxi. I was not sure about some random guy offering his services and he told me that he had a motorcycle taxi.   I said, “No way, you can get all my stuff on a motorcycle?”  He said yes. I still was not sure but after talking about it for a while, I agreed. So we went to his big motorcycle – I don’t know motorcycles but it was like one of those big Hondas with the carrying cases on the sides, etc.

Here's my motorcycle taxi with my bag on the back (and the driver of course)

Here’s my motorcycle taxi with my bag on the back (and the driver of course)

After, a few tries moving things around, he did indeed get everything on the bike. I was really glad I went for it. Being a warm night it was very fun cruising thought the streets on this bike.

Motorcycle Ride

More Fun the Motorcycle


    • Heath on 19-Apr-2013 at 3:18 pm

    O loved the European police car sirens!

    • Tim on 19-Apr-2013 at 12:32 am

    You are killing me with those videos. A motorcycle ride through Paris who are you??!! Having a hard time hiding my jealousy! I am so pumped on how much fun you’re having.

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