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Forty Years

Me & Deb after 40 years!

Me & Deb after 40 years!

Last weekend Debbie and I celebrated 40 years of marriage.  Our actual anniversary is today, the 24th of August, but given all the preparations for our trip we thought this was the best time to celebrate.

It was probably the best celebration/party I have ever had!  No, it wasn’t wild and crazy but it was tremendously meaningful. It was a wonderful reward for the result of 40 years of commitment.  We, like everyone, have had our rough days, but both of us would say that we are in the best time of our lives.  Debbie, thanks for hanging in there with me – you have truly made me a better man and given me such great kids.  I love you more today than ever!


My Girls

My Wonderful Girls!

It was a very simple affair – the girls organized some snacks and set everything up in a very elegant way. People came and mingled for a while then we had a simple sharing of thoughts from the kids and Debbie and myself.  Important times call for important things to be said – and they were.

After sharing, we sang a few songs that we sometimes sing at church on Sunday. And that was it.




The whole family

The whole family

My primary focus for the day was to thank God for his blessing in our marriage, giving us such great girls and grand kids, leading us these 40 years, and filling our lives with great joy.

I feel that in no way has it been because of our wisdom or goodness as people that we have made it this long – it is only because God has helped us. We’re thankful!


’til next time,


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    • Kristine Magee on 24-Aug-2014 at 11:08 pm

    I remember clearly how Debbie celebrated your anniversary, 26 years ago today : She was wiping my brow and praying for me as I labored to give birth to our firstborn, Joy. You both are so dear to us! You were our first home group leaders as a newly married couple in 1984. Your support and friendship was so important in establishing a strong foundation in our marriage. Thank you!

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