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Debbie’s first week impressions

10 days in and finally sleeping through the night. Jet lag has been overcome, thankfully and I am feeling human again.
After such drama and intense anticipation of receiving my certificate of entitlement, immigration was laughable in its casualness! It took me longer to walk from the plane to the immigration station as it did to go through the process! It likely made a difference it was 6:20am and I was able to go through British customs with my new status, so I guess all in all being entitled has its advantages.
We have spent a better part of the last week cleaning and organizing our little place. We packed up 5 boxes of the landlords extra stuff, which she kindly removed, so we are finding places for our things and getting used to a new and much smaller existence. A weekend trip to Ikea about an hour away was a mistake, but with patience and perseverance we came away with a new rug, sewing table, and a few other kitchen items, which is making our flat feel more like home.
Mostyn is already hard at work at school and enjoys all his other fellow students and tutor. The setting of the school is amazing, just like out of an English novel, complete with fields of sheep and forest as far as the eye can see. He has been riding his new Brompton fold up bike most days, a 45 minute ride each way. He will be quite fit when we return.
We feel it was a good decision to be ‘in town’, as opposed to outside the city walls or near the school. Everything we need is literally around the corner.
For example, yesterday it was pouring rain and I needed to wash sheets and towels. With no clothes dryer and only a small clothesline on our ‘patio’, I went the dry cleaner next door and he dried them for me. I needed broccoli for dinner, so went 2 blocks to Marks and Spencers had it within 5 minutes. The center of town is all pedestrian only and because this is a tourist destination there are many and varied shops, some international like Body Shop and other small locally owned shops.
Driving will take some time. It is really crazy here. We did buy a car Saturday from a local gal at a hair salon, suggested by our landlady. It is a Peugeot 206 Quicksilver, which meant nothing to me, but it is cute, a reasonable price and will suit us just fine. So now to build up my confidence and overcome my fear of going the wrong way or getting lost. The roads are super narrow and things don’t make sense to me, but I have the Highway Code book, which I am reading and will slowly have Mostyn and probably a professional teach properly how to drive here.
Everything takes longer than we are used to here, so I am getting used to a much slower pace with a flexible schedule and allowing extra time to do things. Washed dark clothes today as the sun is out after a fierce storm in the night. It takes over an hour sometimes 2 for the wash to finish. So I put the clothes in and went for a walk on the wall, but got lost and but found my way back home in time for the wash to be done, and ready to hang out to dry, which will take all day and may need extra time overnight to dry on a rack. See what I mean!
Missing my kids and grandkids fiercely but have had several Facetime calls with them and that helps to stay connected. Owen sang to me yesterday, my heart melted.
We will be going north to Reading in 2 weeks to see our great nephew, Huw, dedicated to the Lord. Looking forward to seeing family and getting some more good info and advise from Mostyn’s sister about where best to shop, get fabric, yarn, and general info about life in England.
Had an amusing experience at a small church we attended Sunday. They all seem to serve to coffee and tea and expect you to stay and visit, so we did and one dear mentally challenged woman was so excited we were Americans. She apparently is in love with Metallica (a heavy metal band), and wanted to know if she could send them biscuits and if they would like that!! As if I would know. I was gracious and said I was sorry I did not know them personally, nor did I listen to their music. Postage here is very expensive, so I hope she does not waste her money!!
Well these are my initial thoughts for now. Sorry I have no photos, like Mostyn does in his blog posts.


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    • Ken McWilliams on 29-Oct-2014 at 1:11 am

    Hello Debbie,

    Great blog, well written. I feel as though I was there. Actually, in a way, I was. I went to Google Earth and put in your address. They have mapped your area at street level so I could see your new abode. Looks cozy. I also saw the dry cleaners on the corner that you mentioned; I believe the sign said Grants dry cleaning. I saw a Chinese restaurant close by also. I then took a little tour of your town.

    Keep the news coming, I really enjoy it. Perhaps, after you have been there awhile, your could write an article for our newsletter.

    Say hello to Mostyn for me.


    • Esther on 27-Oct-2014 at 4:07 am

    Love you, Auntie. Keep sharing.

    • Sue Gary on 15-Oct-2014 at 11:09 pm

    Debbie, your blog is fabulous! I can’t wait to read more. Robert and I had an outstanding time on our first ever AHS study tour to Central Germany. Robert is working on the article about the tour to publish in the journal. We can certainly relate to the 10 days to get your body clock attuned to your new time zone. Robert and I even stopped for an overnight in NYC before coming home and it took us about that long to be able to stay up past 9 PM here.

    • Vicki on 11-Oct-2014 at 2:14 am

    Miss you but sounds like you are learning and having a great adventure!

    1. MIss you too Vicki, Read your thoughts on HSP something I am pretty familiar with. Did some reading about it several years ago. Good stuff to know and sure helps in understanding those special people!:)

    • Linda on 9-Oct-2014 at 2:47 pm

    Love reading about it. Glad that walking around town is convenient. Sounds quaint!

    • Sue on 8-Oct-2014 at 6:30 pm

    So good to hear all about your first impression and adjustments. Will look forward to the next one. It’s so fun to think of you there and being close enough to Nancy to join in family things. I’m jealous!

    • Larry Westbury on 7-Oct-2014 at 2:16 pm

    Glad to hear it is all going well and you are accommodating to the slower pace. But it sounds like fun in a crowded busy little house way!

    • Dorothy on 7-Oct-2014 at 2:04 pm

    Auntie Debbie, it is so nice to hear about your activities! What fun! Wish we could join you! Our love to you both!

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