The 2013 NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium and Special Exhibition of Spectacular Clocks, Watches, and Sundials
by The Pre-Eminent Master
Thomas Tompion (1639–1713)

California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California

7-9 November 2013

Jim Cipra

Chairman, NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium Committee (U.S.A.)

History and Background of the James Arthur Lecture

  • Biography
  • Jim Cipra discovered horology in his grandaunt’s basement at the advanced age of 14 years and has never looked back. He avidly pursued his horological odyssey after he graduated pharmacy school in 1966. In 1977 he left pharmacy to start a tool and die shop, which he co-owned and managed until 1999. Over those years, he continued to broaden his horological horizons, investigating mechanically unusual and technically elegant pieces worldwide. In 2000 Cipra began to catalog, consult, and advise for horological auction houses, insurance companies, museums, and private collections. He became a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors in 1968 and the Antiquarian Horological Society in 1973. Horological education became his passion, and he brought speakers from around the world to make presentations at local, regional, and national events. He personally has made several presentations on diverse horological subjects. He served as the AHS USA Section Vice-President in charge of programs and education for six years, President of the USA Section for the last 12 years, and co-leader of seven USA Section International Study Tours since 2000. He currently serves as the Chairman of the NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium Committee.